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Reservations:  The only way to guarantee a seat in a class at Painting Escapes is with a prepaid reservation. If you have internet access, you can make your reservation online and you will receive a confirmation via email.  For reservations without internet access, call us at (734) 335-0011 and we will reserve your seat over the phone with a credit card.  Ages 16+ for public classes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings please.  Children ages 6+ are welcome to all other public classes.

Pricing:Our regular public classes are $35.00 per person for a 2-hour session, which covers instruction and all supplies needed to complete your painting.  Special events may be priced differently. 

Payment:Just like other event tickets, you pay online at the time you select your event.  Reserve your seat 24/7 online or call to pay for your reservation with a credit card over the phone.

Cancellations:If you need to cancel a reservation, you must do so within seven days of that specific session to receive a credit to your online account. The process of registering for a Painting Escapes event is like buying theater or sporting event tickets online: you decide when you want to go, select the date, and pay for the tickets online at that time. With a Painting Escapes registration, however, you have until a week before your session to cancel your reservation and receive an account credit for the full amount you paid. If it's under 7 days and you want want to gift your  confirmed spot to someone else you can simply email or call us and provide your name, the time and date of your session and the name of the person who will be taking your place.

Here's how you cancel your reservation: First, sign into your on-line account and click on “My Events”. You may cancel an event (session) using the "modify" button. Again, be sure that you cancel your reservation at least seven days prior to the event date to have the cancellation option appear. (You also can add a seat for one or more guests to attend an event for which you've already reserved a seat.

Using your credit: Your online account will show the credit after you complete the cancellation process, and you may apply your credit to any future purchases by clicking on the "Use Account Credit" button during the checkout process. Please note that if you cancel a session for which you received a discount, you will be credited the amount you paid and will have to pay the difference should you choose to apply the credit to a full-price session rather than wait for another discounted one.

Refunds:Please note that we do not issue refunds; our system credits your Painting Escapes account with the amount you paid for a canceled seat so that you may use it for future reservations. Please remember that your credit is only redeemable for session registration or other goods and services offered by Painting Escapes!

Creating an account: You must create an account to register for Painting Escapes! events. Your account allows us to keep track of your reservations so we know when you’re coming. It also helps us keep you informed with reminders about your reservation, special promotions, and new calendar postings. Your information is never shared with third parties.

Event/Session discounts: Every month we will post on our Painting Escapes! Facebook page when the next month's schedule has been posted for the 1st time, from the moment the schedule is posted all sessiones will be discounted by 15% for the next 3 days. To maintain fairness, it is our regular policy not to discount a specific session after someone has paid a higher price for that same session. If you are part of our mailing list, you always will have had a chance to receive a discount before you paid full price for a session.  This gives frequent customers the chance to save on every session as opposed to remembering to bring a frequent customer punch card for 10 sessions in order to get a freebie!